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Tip 8 – Check for 24 Hour Emergency Service Help

Posted by Larry On October 29th

Almost everyone who lives in Florida – whether they are a snowbird or a long-time resident – can agree that having 24 hour emergency service for their air conditioner is seriously important!

24 Hour Emergency Service

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Air conditioning units can be put under intense pressure during the long, hot Florida summers. Because the systems are running at full capacity almost 24/7, this is a point in time where air conditioning service providers get a lot of phone calls!

In our experience…

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One of the traditional measures of success for air conditioning companies is the number of years they’ve been in business.

Air Conditioning Companies

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Fly by night operations come and go, but reputable, trustworthy air conditioning companies will usually stay in business in the same area for years, building on a reliable customer base that has come to trust their service and quality.

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Do you ever wonder how to determine if you are working with air conditioning professionals or not?

Air Conditioning Professionals

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It can be difficult to find the professionals unless you are EDUCATED on what to look for.

Our previous eBook tips have pointed out that it’s important to choose air conditioning professionals who are…

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