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Save Money on Fort Myers Air Conditioning Repairs by Checking the Condenser (Outdoor Unit)

This is the sixth installment of Nine Things to Check Before Spending Money on AC Repairs which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.

If you’re saving money by troubleshooting your own air conditioning repairs, start by checking the…

air filter, circuit breaker, thermostat, draining system, and ice as outlined in our E-Book Tips #1 – 5.

If you’re finished with these areas, it’s time to move on to your outdoor unit. This is the unit that contains your compressor and condenser. The outdoor unit is usually located on the ground or roof, depending on where you live. In suburban areas, it’s typically located on the ground in the backyard. In most businesses and office buildings, the outdoor unit is located on the roof. If it’s not running, check that the outdoor service switch is on. If it is, also check to see if the indoor power switch on. Then double check the circuit breaker. Is it in the “on” position?

Once you’ve eliminated these problems as the cause of your air conditioning failure, you should look on the outside coil for damage or blockage.

If the fan still won’t turn on, a motor overload reset switch may have tripped. It might also be another switch, like the drip pan overflow sensor switch. These switches are in your machine to protect you, so don’t continue to override them if you’re having problems.

Check to see if voltage is running through the fan motor wires. If you don’t know how to do this, please call our Fort Myers air conditioning specialists. If you have checked, and voltage is present in the wires, you may be dealing with a seized motor.9 Things to Check AC ipad

If your fan motor is running, but your air conditioner is not working, then the problem may be either a bad contactor, a loose wire, or a bad compressor.

If you suspect the problem is a disconnected air duct, get a free inspection.

If you have determined that you are in need of a Fort Myers air conditioning expert we here to help you. Your air conditioning, heating, and air quality problems are our number one concern. We have many services available to meet your air conditioning needs including 24 Hour Emergency Service and indoor air quality solutions. If you would like further information call (239) 939-2032 or connect with UMI Residential Air Conditioning on Facebook.

– Brett

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