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Air Conditioning Comfort for Life

United for your comfort since 1987

It’s time for an air conditioner replacement. This time getting it repaired is not an option. However, living without air conditioning in SWFL isn’t an option either!


12 Tips to Consider AC devices

When looking for a new air conditioning system, terms like energy efficiency rating, air quality, programmable thermostat, “green” air conditioner, air conditioning warranty, and maintenance agreement are all terms that you will need to understand.

At UMI Residential Air Conditioning, we  know how important it is to be informed before making this type of purchase. We recognize the importance of knowledge, so we offer a FREE eBook to download that is full of tips explaining the terminology while guiding you through the process.

Our FREE eBook, 12 Tips to Consider Before Replacing Your Air Conditioning System, touches on the following tips. Interested in just learning about a few of them? Just click on the ones you would like to review and read our recent blog posts :

1:  The Truth About Air Conditioning Service
2:  Air Conditioning Equipment
3:  Understanding Energy Efficiency Ratings
4:  What is Your Air Quality of Life?
5:  The Electronic Programmable Thermostat!
6:  Breaking-Up with Your Old Air Conditioning Unit Can Be Hard
7:  “Green” Air Conditioning Systems
8:  Cleaner, Greener Air
9:  What’s in a Name?
10: HVAC Warranty
11: Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement
12: The Final Decision – Purchasing Your New Air Conditioning System!

Once you have read through our eBook, and you are ready for an air conditioner replacement, contact our highly trained professionals at UMI Residential Air Conditioning. We’ll answer all your questions and help you determine which air conditioner is the perfect fit for you! We also offer HVAC System Financing.

Contact us online or call us today at (239) 939-2032. Remember, Our Business is Your Comfort!


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