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Have you inspected your air conditioning unit lately?

Do you know the three basic parts of the system?

Does your air conditioning filter look like this?

Dirty Filter - Air Conditioning Unit

Inspecting your central air conditioning unit seems fairly easy.  Are you familiar with the three basic parts?

  • condenser
  • blower unit
  • ductwork.

Knowing each part, and the role it has, gives you a greater understanding of how your central air conditioning unit works.

Reviewing the basic parts of your air conditioning unit:

First, the condenser – this is the large unit usually located at the side of your home. It’s job – managing the temperature of the refrigerant traveling through your home.

Second, the blower unit. It’s job – transforming the refrigerant into a much cooler gas and pushing it through the next step.

Third, the ductwork. It’s job – receiving the cool gas from the blower unit and pushing it to go through a coil, which helps it to continue to cool down as it finishes its trip through the ductwork , cooling down your home.

As the first cycle of refrigerant finishes its job, another cycle begins. This maintains the cool temperature in your house.

Changing the Air Filter

Ok – now that we know the basic parts of your central air conditioning unit let’s review one of the most important maintenance steps that you should follow – changing your air filter routinely.

A dirty air filter not only is bad for your health, as it allows you to breathe in the contaminants in the air, but it also makes your central air conditioning unit work harder.

You can expect to see your utility bill go up when your air conditioning unit is working harder. Changing your filter monthly will help you breathe better and save you money.

The steps for replacing your filter with a clean filter:Clean Filter Air Conditioning

1 – Locate the filter.
2 – Turn the unit off, (safety first).
3 – Determine the size of the filter.
4 – Purchase a new filter, (great time to stock up on them).
5 – Replace your dirty filter.
6 – Mark the date on your calendar and set up a reminder for the next month.

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