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Beware of the Duct Cleaning Scam

Posted by Larry On February 27th

Beware of Duct Cleaning Scams (Photo Courtesy of Flickr user Frederick Md Publicity)

Beware of  duct cleaning scams!

Here is the skinny: Most of the duct-work in homes today do not need to be cleaned or cannot be cleaned effectively with the methods that are proposed. There…I said it.

First let me start off by saying that most of the time, the issues that most homeowners are concerned about, such as dirt on the ceiling around the grills or a dusty home, are things that are not solved by duct cleaning, as some contractors would like you to think.

Instead, these problems are repaired by fixing problems with the duct-work itself… like fixing any leaks or breaks in the ceiling and around the grills, and by proper filtration.

My advice:

Do not fall prey to Duct Cleaning Scams

If you think you have issues with your duct work, make sure you have a reputable A/C contractor evaluate the situation and give you good options for a solution.

There are different options for cleaning different types of duct work installed in your home. But untrained contractors can cause more harm to the duct work than good.

Trust me…You don’t want to inhale fiberglass

For example, if you have a ridged fiberglass duct system and an untrained contractor cleans it with an aggressive brush system, it will actually disturb the walls of the duct releasing fiberglass through the duct work and into the living space.

Flexible duct-work can be cleaned with an air whip type system. This is really only a dusting of the inside of the duct work. If an untrained contractor tries to clean it more aggressively, he runs the risk of putting holes in the flex.

In conclusion, avoid the guy that gives you a quote over the phone because he could not possibly know what the unique situations are in your home.

Instead, contact UMI Residential Air Conditioning for a free duct-work inspection. We’ll actually take the time to come out to your home in Southwest Florida and do the job right so that you don’t wind up with holes and A/C leakage in your duct-work.

If it’s mold growth that you’re worried about in your air ducts, consider installing a product like the Blue-Tube UV® Light Kit which does a much better job at controlling mold growth.


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