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Buyer Beware: Coupons From Air Duct Cleaners

Posted by Brett On February 4th

It seems every other week you go to your mailbox and find a coupon booklet…

AirDuctCleaners & Scams

…with discounts on all sorts of services. In Southwest Florida, we see coupons for air duct cleaners quite frequently. But before you hire one of these companies, watch this segment from the Hansen Files on Dateline NBC:

We’ve all seen the coupons and advertisements promoting “whole-neighborhood air duct cleaning for $49.95,” and heard the horror stories from consumers who got taken by these companies. Now the national media is taking notice.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) worked with Dateline NBC over the past six months to expose a scam operation and the company’s unethical business practices.  Dateline NBC debuted a new series called “The Hansen Files,” that features reporter Chris Hansen as he exposes frauds and helps educate the general public about the HVAC cleaning industry.

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Be sure to watch the follow up segments after this video finishes.

It’s important that you review the NADCA’s brochure “What You Need to Know About Air Duct Cleaning“. If you decide that you need your ducts cleaned and you want to avoid these scammers, call a reputable company of air duct cleaners like UMI Residential Air Conditioning at (239) 939-2032. Please contact us today to get your ductwork inspected free of charge!

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