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If any air (either for heating or cooling) is escaping your home…

Weather Stripping (Photo courtesy of Keith Williamson)

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it is taking your money with it! So, if your home is not properly sealed, then air is leaking out and causing your air conditioning bill to rise.

To prevent this, weather stripping all doors and windows is essential to ensure that they’re sealed properly.

Since every window and door is essentially a giant hole in your home, there are plenty of opportunities for air to escape!

Even though today’s doors and windows may offer the best insulated glass that money can buy, it is a futile effort if the hole they are hanging in is not insulated and sealed properly.

Here’s a little inspection you can do:

On the next cold day, run your hand over the interior casing of a window.

Is the woodwork cold? It shouldn’t be.

If it is cold to the touch, gently remove a piece of the casing and take a look behind.

You may be surprised to see just how “un-insulated” the space between the frame of the house and the frame of the window is.

If one casing was not installed correctly, most likely none of them were and you are losing some of your cool or warm air and money!

Repairing your door and window casings is a fairly easy fix.

  1. Get a small roll of fiberglass insulation. (You can usually buy small handy rolls that are made just for this purpose so you don’t have to buy an entire package)
  2. Use a pair of shears to cut the insulation into small enough pieces to fill the gaps.
  3. Put insulation into the gaps of your window and door casings. (Don’t over stuff the openings)

This technique can be used around all of your windows and exter7 Ways Lower AC Costs ipadior doors.

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