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How Accommodating Is Your HVAC Company?

Posted by Larry On March 11th

Do you have an HVAC company that you are working with?

When was the last time you had them out for a routine maintenance on your air conditioner?

Are you impressed with their service?

Air Conditioning
It’s that time of the year again, in Southwest Florida, when we count on our air conditioners to give us that wonderful, cool, refreshing air. That is if your unit is running properly.

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Have you been looking at the list of air conditioning contractors in Southwest Florida? Are you trying to figure out how you are going to narrow it down and choose the right one? Do you need a guide to help you?

12 Ways to Choose Best AC Co devices

At UMI Residential Air Conditioning, we realize how difficult this decision can be. Our goal is to educate you so you’ll feel confident on choosing the right air conditioning contractor. We offer you a FREE eBook to guide you through the process: 12 Ways to Ensure You Choose The Best Air Conditioning Company in Southwest Florida. This is one of the FREE eBooks we have available for you to download in our online library.

Our eBook reviews important terms you should know like:
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When you are new to the area, or just disappointed with your current provider, choosing a new air conditioning company in Southwest Florida can be difficult.

12 Ways to Choose Best AC Co ipad

Which one is the right one? Are their charges fair? Are their workers licensed and insured?

These questions are just the first steps in finding out which company is best for you. Without a doubt, making this choice can be stressful. You may even be tempted to pick up the phone book and pick out the first company on the page!

Stop, you don’t want to do that…

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When searching for the best company to provide your air conditioning services, youʼll want a company that is not only certified by the correct agencies but is also excellent at customer service. Of course, anyone can CLAIM great service. Fewer organizations can back it up with real results.Service Van

This is our twelfth installment of
12 Ways to Ensure You Choose The Best Air Conditioning Company in Southwest Florida
which can be downloaded from our free eBook library.

If youʼve ever called a service number and gotten canned, recorded messages asking you to press 1, 2, 3 or 4, then youʼve gotten a taste of what itʼs like dealing with a large corporation. If every time you call, youʼre talking to a different person or being transferred back and forth, you can get frustrated at this “faceless” entity that isnʼt treating you like a real person.

A small company takes more pride in knowing their customers. You can actually…

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In modern life, there are so many competing priorities for where to spend your money. Big ticket items like cars and home furnishings are so appealing because we can see exactly where our money went!


This is our eleventh installment of
12 Ways to Ensure You Choose The Best Air
Conditioning Company in Southwest Florida
which can be downloaded from ourfree eBook library.
Air conditioning is a little bit less “sexy” in that sense. You donʼt have a shiny new Corvette, you get a big machine that sits outside your house and whirs occasionally. Whereʼs the fun in that?

While we canʼt claim that youʼll have quite…

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Have you interviewed companies and felt a sense of frustration that the experience was more about sales and gimmicks than discussing actual AC service?

AC Technician

This is our tenth installment of

Some companies turn a profit by following a philosophy of up-selling. If you get a new unit, they are also offer you all types of accessories, some of which may not be necessary. Sometimes they…

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As we touched on in our Tip 6 blog post, there are some things a company can do to go from garden-variety good air conditioning service to outstanding, exceptional, one-of-a-kind air conditioning service.

air conditioning service

This is our ninth installment of
At Synergy, we want to be exceptional! So our goal is to not only provide you with quality work and repairs, but to also keep you informed about the industry.

For one thing…

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Tip 8 – Check for 24 Hour Emergency Service Help

Posted by Larry On October 29th

Almost everyone who lives in Florida – whether they are a snowbird or a long-time resident – can agree that having 24 hour emergency service for their air conditioner is seriously important!

24 Hour Emergency Service

This is our eighth installment of

Air conditioning units can be put under intense pressure during the long, hot Florida summers. Because the systems are running at full capacity almost 24/7, this is a point in time where air conditioning service providers get a lot of phone calls!

In our experience…

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One of the traditional measures of success for air conditioning companies is the number of years they’ve been in business.

Air Conditioning Companies

This is our seventh installment of

Fly by night operations come and go, but reputable, trustworthy air conditioning companies will usually stay in business in the same area for years, building on a reliable customer base that has come to trust their service and quality.

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Do you ever wonder how to determine if you are working with air conditioning professionals or not?

Air Conditioning Professionals

This is our sixth installment of

It can be difficult to find the professionals unless you are EDUCATED on what to look for.

Our previous eBook tips have pointed out that it’s important to choose air conditioning professionals who are…

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