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Do you have an AC company on-call if your air conditioner suddenly stops working?

What happens if your air conditioner stops in the middle of the night? Are you covered?

Is the company you work with licensed and insured?

So your air conditioner stopped working, it has to be the hottest day of the year. Now what?

AC company

You never felt comfortable working with your heating and cooling system, but this could be a simple fix. Maybe if you just turn it off for a while and then back on, it will start working again.

Ok, that didn’t work.

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What’s Plan B when your air conditioner quits?

Are you ready to save the day with your “What to Look For” checklist?

Or is it time to call for some help?

Air Conditioner
It’s a hot day, and it feels so refreshing when you come home at night to your nice cool house. That is until the moment in time when your AC stops working. Now what? Everything else seems to be working fine, except for your AC.

You have a choice, try and fix it yourself, or call an expert for help. You certainly don’t want to incur a bill when it’s something you could fix, but on the other hand, you really don’t feel comfortable working on your air conditioner.

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Have you inspected your air conditioning unit lately?

Do you know the three basic parts of the system?

Does your air conditioning filter look like this?

Dirty Filter - Air Conditioning Unit

Inspecting your central air conditioning unit seems fairly easy.  Are you familiar with the three basic parts?

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Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Struggling to Keep Up?

Posted by Larry On December 17th

Have you noticed that your air conditioning unit has stopped cooling lately?

Is your unit making unusual noises?

Has it stopped working completely?

Maintenance is Important

Keeping your air conditioning in working order all year long doesn’t sound all that difficult. You already know that having a routine maintenance program in place keeps your unit running smoothly, and that it is doable.

That is until life gets in the way, and some of the maintenance practices get overlooked. It doesn’t take long for problems to surface when the components aren’t maintained and are put under stress.

When your unit isn’t cooling properly or stops working altogether, life can get unbearable rather quickly, especially with the hot Florida sun. It doesn’t take long to realize it is time to repair your unit.

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Have you ever experienced a day without air conditioning in Florida? I am sure it was memorable.

Preventative Maintenance

A preventative maintenance checklist goes a long way in making sure your system runs efficiently, which keeps you in constant comfort and reduces your electric bill. At UMI Residential Air Conditioning, we know the bottom line is that practicing preventative maintenance is essential when you have an air conditioner.

Here’s a helpful preventative maintenance checklist of what you should expect from a service technician visit.

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What Are “Solar Ready” Air Conditioners?

Posted by Larry On February 13th

Is it time to replace your air conditioner? Thinking about using solar energy, but can’t afford to make that change yet?

Solar Energy Air Conditioners

With energy bills increasing and solar energy as a great alternative, it can be difficult to decide when is the right time to switch to solar. If you are not ready to make that commitment and need to replace your air conditioner, there is an option you may want to consider.

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Have you had your air conditioner checked lately?

Air Conditioning Repair - Drain fitting that is rusted off the air handler

You’re probably thinking “It’s the middle of March in Fort Myers, it’s been cold outside recently, and I haven’t turned on my air conditioning system for a month or two. Why in the world would I bother having my AC checked?

Because your air conditioner is a mechanical system and just like your car, it needs routine maintenance to avoid major repairs down the road.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is an oft-quoted tenet by Benjamin Franklin that couldn’t ring any more truer in regards to air conditioning systems because it’s so much less expensive to maintain your air conditioner than to repair it.

Case in point, the photo above is a drain fitting that rusted off the air handler of an unsuspecting customer’s AC system, months ago. She noticed water coming from her AC closet and called us to fix the problem.

When we snapped this photo and showed it to her, she was a little embarrassed. But honestly, she didn’t need to be embarrassed because we completely understand that not everyone is mechanically inclined.

Filthy Evaporator Coil in an Air Conditioner (Photo Courtesy of Flickr User DayLove)Not everyone likes to “Check under the hood.” But if you don’t like to “check under the hood” every once in a while, you might find that your air conditioning system looks like this! →

If you have a filthy evaporator coil like this in your AC system, it’s going to cause major problems that require costly repairs (possibly replacement) down the road, if left unchecked.

I’m not telling you all this to try to scare you or anything. It’s perfectly fine if you’re not a “do-it-yourselfer.” Plenty of people aren’t and it certainly doesn’t make you a bad person, so there’s no need to feel ashamed. 🙂

But the reality is that without routine maintenance, you’ll definitely require air conditioning repair. It’s just a matter of time…oh an by the way, it’s usually NOT CHEAP.

So, what’s the alternative?

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Beware of Cheap Air Conditioning Contractors

Posted by Larry On January 25th

Beware of Cheap Air Conditioning Contractors

Just a word to the wise…

There are some air conditioning companies in Fort Myers and elsewhere that offer unrealistic discounts or specials. We have all seen them.

Just keep in mind that for a reputable A/C company to send a qualified technician to your home (one that can actually make the repair or offer a good solution to the problem) comes with a cost.

The A/C repair man that shows up in your driveway from the company with severely discounted prices has to make his money somehow, usually by trying to sell some kind of product or service you may or may not need. Typically those products and services are at an inflated price.

Also ask yourself this:

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How Central Air Works

Posted by Brett On May 23rd

AC Condenser

Do you want to maintain your central air before summer starts, but don’t know where to begin?

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Mike & I would like to send out a BIG Thank You…

…to Jason, and his team at Quality Service Professionals for posting one of our positive air conditioning service reviews!

We’ve been a member of Quality Service Professionals for the last year, and are a Quality Service Professional Certified Pro as well.   This means:

  • we’ve passed the business review (we’re a business in good standing with our customers),
  • we’re properly licensed, and
  • we’re fully insured.

It’s been an absolute pleasure being part of the Quality Service Pros, not only have other members referred us very valuable business, but we’ve been continually educated by Jason, and his team, on how to work online, and offline, for the best results.

Thank you, Jason!

If your Air Conditioning is need of service, or you’re looking to replace your Air Conditioning Unit, be sure to contact us, or give us a call at (239) 939-2032!

Our mission is simple – no surprises!

Have a great day, and stay cool! 😉