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How Accommodating Is Your HVAC Company?

Posted by Larry On March 11th

Do you have an HVAC company that you are working with?

When was the last time you had them out for a routine maintenance on your air conditioner?

Are you impressed with their service?

Air Conditioning
It’s that time of the year again, in Southwest Florida, when we count on our air conditioners to give us that wonderful, cool, refreshing air. That is if your unit is running properly.

Do you have a maintenance plan that includes a routine check of your air conditioner?

The last thing you want to deal with is NO “air” on a hot day.

Everything seems to stand still when your environment isn’t cool and refreshing anymore because your air conditioner quit working.

Have you scheduled your maintenance appointment?

Well, the day has come. You woke up this morning to a rather warm house, and your air conditioner is not working. You were just thinking about scheduling that maintenance appointment.

You do have an HVAC company lined up to work with, and so far you’ve been impressed with their service. However, now since your air conditioner has quit, this will be a good test to see how efficient they are.

Your thermostat is now sitting at 90 degrees.

You certainly don’t want to go through a day without your “air”.

So you called your HVAC company this morning, and they said they would be out this afternoon…that sounds good.Maintenance Plan

Finally, they arrived. What a long afternoon.

The technician was very polite, asked a few questions – checked your breaker and the thermostat, and then the unit.

An hour later he had the air conditioning unit running like new, and that cool, refreshing air returned.

The technician gave you a quick explanation of what was wrong, handed you the invoice, and left.

End of story. Not really.

Make sure you did your homework!

▪    When you contacted your HVAC company originally, did you check that they were licensed and insured? Make sure you do.

▪     Did you know you could be liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur while they are on your property if they are not insured?

▪    Are they certified? Did you ask to see their certifications? You want to make sure you are working with professionals that understand the importance of being up-to-date with their training.

▪    Did they educate you on all their services? Are they full-service? Make sure they did and took the time to explain the guarantees and warranties.

▪    Do they provide emergency services and maintenance plans with pre-planned visits?

▪    Is financing an option?

▪    Are they an HVAC company that is truly interested in your satisfaction and keeping you as lifelong customer?

If not, contact UMI Residential Air Conditioning!

Yes – at Synergy Air, we are licensed and insured, and all the above. With our 24-hour emergency service, our service calls, and our replacements and new installations, we have you covered.

Your air conditioning, heating, and air quality problems are our number one concern. Our goal is to make sure your home is comfortable in a timely manner at a reasonable price.12 Ways to Choose Best AC Co ipad

We guarantee everything we do. Your system will be serviced by our well-trained professionals.

Check out our website for more details.

Visit our online library and download our FREE eBook to guide you through the process of choosing the best air conditioning company: 12 Ways to Ensure You Choose The Best Air Conditioning Company in Southwest Florida.

Have questions, no worries, we will be happy to answer them. Contact us online or call (239) 939-2032 today!


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