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How Central Air Works

Posted by Brett On May 23rd

AC Condenser

Do you want to maintain your central air before summer starts, but don’t know where to begin?

To properly care for your central air unit you must first learn the basic components that operate the system. Many people don’t realize there is a lot more to your central air conditioning system than the large condenser outside your garage.

There are actually three main parts that your central air system consist of:

  • The condenser – This is the large outdoor unit usually located on the side of your home or behind it. The duty of the condenser is to manage the temperature of the refrigerant (usually freon) as it travels to and from your home. The condenser pressurizes freon gas as it arrives turning it into a high-temperature liquid and then sends it to the blower unit inside your home.
  • The blower unit – Once the freon enters the blower unit it’s transformed into a gas and becomes exceedingly colder. The blower unit then pipes the cold gas to the ductwork for the next stage of the process.
  • The ductwork – The cold air blows through a coil in the ductwork, which helps it cool down before it continues into the house. The blower unit consistently pulls air from the return ducts, forcing it through the cooling coil and then back to the house through supply ducts.

Once the freon has completed its duty, it travels back to the condenser, where it’s pressurized back into a liquid so the cycle can start again.

Now that you understand the basic components that make your central air work, you can begin to tinker with the system to make sure it’s in working order.

If you have any questions or would like professional help with your central air, please feel free to contact UMI Residential Air Conditioning online or call us at 239-939-2032.

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