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This is the 6th post in our series “7 Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs” which is also available as a FREE eBook at

Yet, you still feel that your air conditioning & heating bill is too high. Well, there is a chance that your system isn’t running up to par. You may want to consider getting an inspection to ensure that everything is running correctly.

Below are some common operating defects and possible problems:

If the air conditioning system will not operate at all:

  • The power may be off
  • The controls may be set improperly
  • The system may be inoperative.

Make sure that the system is plugged in and the thermostat is set to on and cool.

If the air conditioning system operates but does not produce cool air:

  • It’s important to identify the problem as specifically as you can.
  • Is the fan or the compressor running without the other?
  • Does the unit work sometimes but not always?

Be sure to take a second to observe operation before you cut power to the unit.

Here are some additional problems that may require a professional diagnostic:

  • The compressor is short-cycling (turning on and off faster than usual)
  • The compressor is noisy during start-up
  • The compressor squeals at start-up (service may be needed promptly to prevent possibly costly damage to the system)
  • Inside cooling or evaporator coil defects that can be seen by eye: dirty, blocked, frost on coil.7 Ways Lower AC Costs ipad

If airflow is weak for any reason, the air conditioning & heating system will not operate properly.

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