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Air Conditioning Comfort for Life

United for your comfort since 1987

Do you have an AC company on-call if your air conditioner suddenly stops working?

What happens if your air conditioner stops in the middle of the night? Are you covered?

Is the company you work with licensed and insured?

So your air conditioner stopped working, it has to be the hottest day of the year. Now what?

AC company

You never felt comfortable working with your heating and cooling system, but this could be a simple fix. Maybe if you just turn it off for a while and then back on, it will start working again.

Ok, that didn’t work.

The last AC company that came out left in a hurry and didn’t even clean up after themselves. Obviously, they didn’t complete the repair of your air conditioner properly. That repair was less than a month ago.

Time to call them back.

Now that is interesting, their phone number is no longer in service.

What do you do now?

Hire a Licensed and Insured Company

We suggest asking your family or friends for referrals of AC companies that they feel offer quality service.

Then narrow it down to AC companies that are licensed and insured, as well as certified. Ask to see their license and insurance documents. Do you know that you could be liable if they don’t have insurance and they get hurt while working on your furnace, as well as your property.

Hire a company that will have no problem giving you these documents and a list of references. Make sure you call some of the references to confirm the company is well-established and trustworthy. Also review their certifications and ask them about all their other services.

UMI Residential Air Conditioning, LCC – 100% Referral Based

At UMI Residential Air Conditioning, we have you covered. When your air conditioner stops working, whether it’s during the day or in the middle of the night, we offer a 24 Hour Emergency Service – CALL (239) 939-2032! Or call us to make a regular service appointment during our business hours.

We are a licensed and insured full service air conditioning company offering HVAC services. Our company is a member of the BBB and Quality Service Pros and certified by NATE and Nest. We are also a FPL Participating Independent Contractor SM.

Are you interested in preventative maintenance service, Complete Care Plus™ HVAC Warranty or a new AC installation? We are more than happy to accommodate you with all of them.

The Synergy team believes in education. Check out our FREE eBook Library. Our library offers you eBooks like Nine Things to Check Before Spending Money on AC Repairs and 7 Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs. Some of the other eBooks discuss tips on replacing your AC system and how to choose the best air condition company.

Cost is an issue, and we understand that. Check out our Current Specials and download our coupons. If your furnace doesn’t seem to be working properly sign up for a FREE Analysis. Are you interested in financing? Check out our HVAC System Financing and NO CREDIT CHECK lease/purchase solutions.

Your air conditioning, heating, and air quality problems have always been and will continue to be our number one concern.

Have questions, contact us online or call us at (239) 939-2032!


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