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Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Struggling to Keep Up?

Posted by Larry On December 17th

Have you noticed that your air conditioning unit has stopped cooling lately?

Is your unit making unusual noises?

Has it stopped working completely?

Maintenance is Important

Keeping your air conditioning in working order all year long doesn’t sound all that difficult. You already know that having a routine maintenance program in place keeps your unit running smoothly, and that it is doable.

That is until life gets in the way, and some of the maintenance practices get overlooked. It doesn’t take long for problems to surface when the components aren’t maintained and are put under stress.

When your unit isn’t cooling properly or stops working altogether, life can get unbearable rather quickly, especially with the hot Florida sun. It doesn’t take long to realize it is time to repair your unit.

FREE eBook With Tips to Guide You!

Before you spend money on getting your air conditioning unit 9 Things to Check AC ipadrepaired, download our FREE eBook: “Nine Things to Check Before Spending Money on AC Repairs”. The eBook is extremely useful and can be found with our other eBooks in our FREE online eBook Library.

Our eBook reviews step by step some of the equipment you will need to check, like your air filter, circuit breaker, and thermostat. It walks you through checking the unit’s drainage, looking for ice that has built up, and checking the outdoor unit condenser. It even shares with you how to clean your condenser.

Work With a Reliable Provider

When all else fails, or the problems with your air conditioning unit seem like more than you can handle, it’s time to consider contacting a professional air conditioning service provider. One of the best ways to find a provider is to ask your family and friends for a referral.

Then take the reference and check them out with the Better Business Bureau. When you have a lead on a responsible and reliable provider MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR DOCUMENTATION THAT PROVES THEY ARE LICENSED AND INSURED. Our eBook explains each step of the process.

Time to Repair or Replace?

You may find it’s time to replace your air conditioning unit rather than paying for major repairs. In our eBook, you’ll be presented with the facts to consider before making this decision.

At UMI Residential Air Conditioning, we deliver air conditioning service and installation – SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Your repair or new installation is our #1 concern. Our goal is to make your home comfortable in a timely manner at a reasonable price. We also offer preventative maintenance plans.

Our guarantee to you is that everything we do is handled by professionals. Your money will be refunded if we are unable to satisfy your problems.

Call us today at (239) 939-2032 or contact us online. Our business is your comfort! It’s our pleasure to answer all your questions and find the perfect solution for your heating and cooling system needs.

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