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#4 – Keeping Your Air Conditioner Clean

Posted by Brett On February 25th

Your outdoor air conditioner performs a tough job in warm weather.

Air_conditioner (photo courtesy of Piotrus)

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It takes the concentrated heat collected from your home and dumps it into the hot outdoor air.

To get rid of the collected heat, your outdoor condenser coil has to move a lot of air.

If the coil is dirty or if plants or other objects are too close to the conditioning unit, the fan in the outdoor coil can’t move as much air as required for good performance and efficiency.

This raises your electricity cost for air conditioning and may shorten the life of your a/c unit.

To make sure your outdoor a/c unit is only dumping hot air, and not money, follow these precautions:

  • Make sure your Unit is free from Leaves and brush – Remove plants and other debris from within 3 feet of the unit in all directions.
  • Make sure the air’s upward path in leaving the unit is unrestricted for at least 5 feet.
  • Remove surrounding grass or bushes.
  • Consider privacy fencing to help keep debris away.
  • If your outdoor unit is installed under a deck or if someone built a trellis or some other structure above it, either move that structure or hire an air-conditioning contractor to move the outdoor unit.

Even if your air conditioner appears to be clean, most are loaded with pollen and dust.

The longest a condenser should go without cleaning is 1 year, depending on how much it operates during the summer.7 Ways Lower AC Costs devices

If your cooling season is 4 months or more, annual air conditioning cleaning service is an excellent idea.

For more information on having your air conditioner serviced, feel free to contact us or call us at (239) 939-2032.

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