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One of the easiest, but often neglected, ways to keep your air conditioning cost down…

Dirty Air Filter (Photo Courtesy of Ivy Dawned)

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is to make sure your filters are replaced at regular intervals.

You should change your air filter once a month or as needed based on manufacturer recommendations.

Several high efficient filters are available that can extend the useful life of your air filter.

As the filter becomes loaded with dust and particulate, the air conditioning unit has to work harder, which means the power consumption increases.

This bogs down the motor and can decrease the life of the unit.

If you want your air conditioner to last longer and run more efficiently in the long run, it is very important to replace and clean your filters regularly.

Generally speaking, for home air conditioners, it’s good to clean or replace them every month depending on your air conditioner usage.

Another important part of maintaining your air filter is to purchase the proper filter size, and make sure it is installed properly.7 Ways Lower AC Costs devices

If you neglect to regularly maintain your filter, you will probably realize that your air conditioner will take a longer time to cool and will consume more electrical power.

To see what filter is best for your home, feel free to contact us or call us at (239) 939-2032, a UMI Residential Air Conditioning comfort specialists will be sent to meet with you and discuss your options!

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