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Maintaining Central Air

As the sweltering heat of summer sets in Fort Myers, it’s important to take a thorough look at your central air conditioner and it’s components.

Here are some steps to help ensure your central air is working as efficient as possible…..

  • Change the Filters – Located in the blower unit, the air filters are usually found where the duct meets the unit. The filters should be checked once a month for clogging, which will slow down the air flow forcing the cooling coil to ice up. An iced coil can lead your central air unit to shut down. There are many grades of filters available. Some can reduce allergens, but they may clog faster and should be checked more often.
  • Check the Condensate-Removal System – Condensation occurs when warm air passes through the cooling coil. Depending on where your blower unit is located, the condensation may go into a gravity-fed drain, or it may go into a pan under the blower unit. If it is a basement unit, the pan may have a small pump to move the water to a drain. If the unit is in an attic like most in Fort Myers, the water most likely enters the pan and simply evaporates.
    • If your unit has a pump, you should test it to make sure it’s functioning properly. Most pump units have a float attached to them that engages the unit. Move the float up and down to see if it works. If there is a pump, but no drain pan, check to see if there is a kill switch. These wired water sensors are set to a certain height in the pan, and if water touches it will shut down.
    • For Fort Myers attic units, you need to pay particular attention to testing the kill switch. You don’t want the pan to overflow and have water dropping on your ceiling.
  • Clear the Debris – Your outside condenser should have at least 2 feet of clear space around the unit. It must be free of shrubs, wood piles and low hanging branches for it work work properly. If the condenser’s fan spends all summer sucking air, leaves, debris and pollen, it’s always a good idea to give it a spring cleaning. One easy way to clean it is with a garden hose. If it’s really full of debris your may need to use a chemical cleaner, but those are harsh and usually aren’t necessary.
  • Check the Ductwork – Before checking the ductwork, make sure that there are no rugs or furniture obstructing the airflow. Then open them up to see if anything has gotten inside that could cause a problem. Once inside, look for mold. If mold is growing it’s probably worthwhile to contact a Fort Myers duct cleaning company. The next place to check the ductwork is where the air flow travels in your attic or basement. Make sure all connections and seams are sealed with out corrosion. If there are holes, use silver aluminum foil tape to cover them instead of traditional duct tape. For attic units, you should also pay close attention to the insulation. Without proper insulation, cold metal will start to sweat in your attic and the condensation may drip from your ceilings.

Hopefully this information will help you prepare your central air conditioner for Fort Myers brutally hot summer.

If you have any question or concerns about your unit, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 239-939-2032 for more information.

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