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Myth #1 – Closing Air Vents Saves You $$$!

Posted by Larry On May 11th

What is your utility bill this year? Is it higher than last year?

Does it keep going up?

Here’s an all-too-familiar scenario:

Air Vents
Myth #1 – Closing air vents saves you $$$!
First installment from Nine Air Conditioning Myths Dismissed

Temperatures outside start rising, and so does your utility bill. In an effort to cut down costs, you start looking for energy-saving ideas.

Many times, people will decide to close certain air vents throughout the house, thinking this will increase energy efficiency. But closing vents wastes energy!

Rooms have cold-air returns as well as heating vents, so the air keeps moving.

Return ducts pull in outside air from any leaks in the windows or doors, as well as from improperly sealed vents.

If you close too many air vents in your house, then your heating and cooling systems actually have to work harder, decreasing energy efficiency.

So, what should you do?

Work with a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) company to determine what adjustments can be made to your system in order to improve efficiency and reduce utility costs.

If necessary, you may need to update your heating and cooling system.

Also, have your furnace cleaned routinely and check that ducts are sealed properly.

For help with this process, contact a professional HVAC company like UMI Residential Air Conditioning that offers trained technicians who are licensed and insured with years of experience!

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Busting Myths

Unfortunately, there are many myths floating around out there that could cost you more money, instead of cutting down your costs.

Take a moment and download our new FREE eBook from our online library – Nine Air Conditioning Myths Dismissed!

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