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Are you considering a maintenance plan for your air conditioner?

Do you want the “peace of mind” that your air conditioner is being well maintained?

Not sure if you can justify the cost?

Myth 8 - Maintenance

Myth #8: It’s Not Worth It to Pay for a Maintenance
Plan for Your Heating and Cooling System
Eighth installment from Nine Air Conditioning Myths Dismissed.

Often, people decide that buying a maintenance plan for their heating and cooling systems just isn’t worth the cost.

“My AC unit never breaks down,” they say. “So what’s the point?”

Many people don’t realize that a maintenance plan can save them money in the long run.

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Do you like the look of tinted windows on a house?

Have you thought about adding tint to your windows?

Not sure it would be a good investment?

Window Tinting

Myth #7: Window Tinting Might Look Good
But It Doesn’t Add Any Real Value!
Seventh installment from
Nine Air Conditioning Myths Dismissed.

Many people make this mistake.

They have been looking at tinted windows and like what they see. The tinting enhances the look of a home, especially on large picture windows.

But when it comes time to make a decision about adding window tinting, they are not sure that it offers any real value to their home. What’s the point of spending money to have their windows tinted if it only increases the aesthetic value.
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Are you feeling overheated?

Especially during the summer?

Are you wondering if your current air conditioning unit is doing it’s job?

Air Conditioning UnitMyth #6 – Upgrading to a Larger Air Conditioner Unit
ALWAYS Gives You Better Results!
Sixth installment from
Nine Air Conditioning Myths Dismissed.

Before you know it, you are shopping around for a newer, bigger system. You’re tired of an air conditioning unit that you can’t count on, and you’ve decided that this is the answer.

Getting Ready to Put Some Money Down on a New Larger AC Unit?

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Do you find it is difficult to have a maintenance routine for your air conditioning system?

How often do you change your air filters?

AC-MaintenanceMyth #5 –  It’s OK to Neglect Routine System Maintenance,
Like Changing Air Filter.
Fifth installment from
Nine Air Conditioning Myths Dismissed.

Clean air conditioning filters are a must!

When your filters work properly, they remove harmful particles from the air.

It is not OK to fall behind on these necessary tasks.

Dirty air filters affect your health and can aggravate allergies, skin conditions, and respiratory problems.

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How often do you adjust your thermostat?

Do you bump it down a few degrees to cool off your house quickly?

Does it work?

ThermostatMyth #4 – Quickest Way to Cool Down Your House –
Set Temperature 5 – 7 Degrees Colder Until House is Cool.
Fourth installment from
Nine Air Conditioning Myths Dismissed.

It’s completely understandable.

When you come home from work to a hot house, all you want to do is cool down your house and relax.

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How many ceiling fans do you have in your house?

Do you use your ceiling fans every day?

Do your fans keep your entire house cool?

Ceiling FansMyth #3 – Running Ceiling Fans in Every Room
Helps Lower Your Utility Bill!
Third installment from Nine Air Conditioning Myths Dismissed.

It’s hot, the heat is making you feel miserable – you can’t wait to get back to your home where it’s cool.

You have been running all your ceiling fans continuously in every room to help keep your entire house cool, and you have heard this will save you money on your electric bill too!
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Do you want an energy efficient home?

Have you sealed your air ducts to lower your utility costs?

Did you use duct tape to seal them?

Duct Tape Myth #2 – Sealing Air Ducts With Duct Tape is an Effective Fix!
Second installment from Nine Air Conditioning Myths Dismissed.

Finding leaks in your ductwork can be frustrating. We all know that airtight ductwork is crucial to maintaining low utility costs.

Often, people think that using duct tape to seal leaks is an effective fix.

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How Accommodating Is Your HVAC Company?

Posted by Larry On March 11th

Do you have an HVAC company that you are working with?

When was the last time you had them out for a routine maintenance on your air conditioner?

Are you impressed with their service?

Air Conditioning
It’s that time of the year again, in Southwest Florida, when we count on our air conditioners to give us that wonderful, cool, refreshing air. That is if your unit is running properly.

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What’s Plan B when your air conditioner quits?

Are you ready to save the day with your “What to Look For” checklist?

Or is it time to call for some help?

Air Conditioner
It’s a hot day, and it feels so refreshing when you come home at night to your nice cool house. That is until the moment in time when your AC stops working. Now what? Everything else seems to be working fine, except for your AC.

You have a choice, try and fix it yourself, or call an expert for help. You certainly don’t want to incur a bill when it’s something you could fix, but on the other hand, you really don’t feel comfortable working on your air conditioner.

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Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Struggling to Keep Up?

Posted by Larry On December 17th

Have you noticed that your air conditioning unit has stopped cooling lately?

Is your unit making unusual noises?

Has it stopped working completely?

Maintenance is Important

Keeping your air conditioning in working order all year long doesn’t sound all that difficult. You already know that having a routine maintenance program in place keeps your unit running smoothly, and that it is doable.

That is until life gets in the way, and some of the maintenance practices get overlooked. It doesn’t take long for problems to surface when the components aren’t maintained and are put under stress.

When your unit isn’t cooling properly or stops working altogether, life can get unbearable rather quickly, especially with the hot Florida sun. It doesn’t take long to realize it is time to repair your unit.

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