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Do you find it is difficult to have a maintenance routine for your air conditioning system?

How often do you change your air filters?

AC-MaintenanceMyth #5 –  It’s OK to Neglect Routine System Maintenance,
Like Changing Air Filter.
Fifth installment from
Nine Air Conditioning Myths Dismissed.

Clean air conditioning filters are a must!

When your filters work properly, they remove harmful particles from the air.

It is not OK to fall behind on these necessary tasks.

Dirty air filters affect your health and can aggravate allergies, skin conditions, and respiratory problems.

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Have you inspected your air conditioning unit lately?

Do you know the three basic parts of the system?

Does your air conditioning filter look like this?

Dirty Filter - Air Conditioning Unit

Inspecting your central air conditioning unit seems fairly easy.  Are you familiar with the three basic parts?

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Dirty filters or worse no filters in your air conditioning system can and will cause multiple problems.

Filthy Air Conditioning Filter (Photo courtesy of Flickr User Ivy Dawned)

Air conditioning filters that are not changed or cleaned regularly will form a buildup of dirt and dust causing a lack of airflow through the filter (as pictured above), which seriously impacts the system’s ability to cool properly, forcing longer run times, which in turn relates to higher utility bills.

Now even worse, is no filter at all in the system! This allows all the airborne dirt and dust to enter the air handler accumulating on the evaporator coil, the blower wheel, and housing. When this is allowed to happen…

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