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Do you like the look of tinted windows on a house?

Have you thought about adding tint to your windows?

Not sure it would be a good investment?

Window Tinting

Myth #7: Window Tinting Might Look Good
But It Doesn’t Add Any Real Value!
Seventh installment from
Nine Air Conditioning Myths Dismissed.

Many people make this mistake.

They have been looking at tinted windows and like what they see. The tinting enhances the look of a home, especially on large picture windows.

But when it comes time to make a decision about adding window tinting, they are not sure that it offers any real value to their home. What’s the point of spending money to have their windows tinted if it only increases the aesthetic value.
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Is It Time to Replace The Air Conditioner?

Posted by Larry On March 7th

It’s unpleasant when your air conditioner stops working. Quickly your house changes from an enjoyable environment to an uncomfortable one. It gets hot and humid right away. You end up feeling miserable!

Now what? Do you try to fix it yourself, or call the repairman? Or is it time to replace the air conditioner?

replace air conditioner

Let’s see, you have already made sure that:

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As we touched on in our Tip 6 blog post, there are some things a company can do to go from garden-variety good air conditioning service to outstanding, exceptional, one-of-a-kind air conditioning service.

air conditioning service

This is our ninth installment of
At Synergy, we want to be exceptional! So our goal is to not only provide you with quality work and repairs, but to also keep you informed about the industry.

For one thing…

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Dirty filters or worse no filters in your air conditioning system can and will cause multiple problems.

Filthy Air Conditioning Filter (Photo courtesy of Flickr User Ivy Dawned)

Air conditioning filters that are not changed or cleaned regularly will form a buildup of dirt and dust causing a lack of airflow through the filter (as pictured above), which seriously impacts the system’s ability to cool properly, forcing longer run times, which in turn relates to higher utility bills.

Now even worse, is no filter at all in the system! This allows all the airborne dirt and dust to enter the air handler accumulating on the evaporator coil, the blower wheel, and housing. When this is allowed to happen…

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