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In modern life, there are so many competing priorities for where to spend your money. Big ticket items like cars and home furnishings are so appealing because we can see exactly where our money went!


This is our eleventh installment of
12 Ways to Ensure You Choose The Best Air
Conditioning Company in Southwest Florida
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Air conditioning is a little bit less “sexy” in that sense. You donʼt have a shiny new Corvette, you get a big machine that sits outside your house and whirs occasionally. Whereʼs the fun in that?

While we canʼt claim that youʼll have quite…

…as much fun with your new A/C system as you would with a new car, itʼs still a really good place to put your money.

Once youʼve decided to go ahead with a new system, the savings on energy bills and repair costs should make you feel much better!

Speaking of repairs, are you familiar with warranties? Itʼs a good time to look at the warranty thatʼs being offered with your new A/C system. Are you protected with only a manufacturerʼs warranty? This written guarantee is good for the actual unit itself. That means if the mechanical parts within the system fail, you wonʼt be responsible for the cost. What if you get a new machine installed and you experience a problem thatʼs not covered under the manufacturerʼs warranty? Thereʼs trouble ahead!

You would be smart to use an air conditioning service provider who offers a warranty on the installation. At UMI Residential Air Conditioning, we provide a written One Year Warranty which provides additional coverage for the homeowner, including a provision to correct any mistakes that were made during the installation. It comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which really should be standard with any A/C warranty you are considering.

Ask questions when your A/C provider is discussing the warranty with you. Be clear on the differences between installation coverage and those that come directly from the manufacturer.

Just like with many kinds of insurance, some individuals will want more coverage than others. If you feel like you want even more protection against air conditioning problems, UMI Residential Air Conditioning offers Complete Care Plus Warranties. This is really the ultimate in living worry-free. If you are the kind of person who opts for the most protection, then we highly recommend it. Ask us for all the specifics.12 Ways to Choose Best AC Co ipad

Did you find this information helpful? Read our other tips on how to choose the best air conditioning company in Southwest Florida by downloading our FREE eBook today (right).

Looking for a Fort Myers air conditioning company that offers clarification on warranties and guarantees, and will be more than happy to answer all of your questions? Contact the professionals at UMI Residential Air Conditioning online or call (239) 939-2032.


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