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The Florida Power and Light Company (FPL) is our local energy provider in southwest Florida. It’s the largest electric utility in Florida as well as one of the largest rate-regulated utilities in the U.S.

FPL Contractors

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FPL is known as a leader in the field of clean energy, and they have a program for Participating Independent Contractors (PIC). These FPL contractors are PIC professionals that are uniquely qualified to assist homeowners with energy efficiency issues.

With over four million customers, FPL’s impact on energy efficiency is huge. By encouraging homeowners to use these PIC professionals, they are helping to conserve energy across the state and also helping individuals save on their monthly bills.

What can a PIC professional do?…

  • Properly replace a central heating and cooling system
  • Fix A/C ducts that are leaking air
  • Upgrade insulation in ceilings
  • Design systems and plan for an energy efficient home

After service from a FPL Participating Independent Contract, the utility may contact the homeowner for feedback on the service that was provided. This confirmation is part of the system that demonstrates the reliability of these FPL contractors.

If you need an additional incentive for using a PIC, you will be eligible for an Energy Efficiency Rebate Savings. Please ask us for an estimate of how much you can save, both from the long-term use of an energy-efficient A/C system as well as from the rebate itself.

To find an FPL Participating Independent Contractor, visit their website at then use the drop down menu for the appropriate category – in this case, “Residential Heating and Cooling.” Add your zip code and remember to check “24 by 7 service.”12 Ways to Choose Best AC Co ipad

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