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Air Conditioning Comfort for Life

United for your comfort since 1987

One of the traditional measures of success for air conditioning companies is the number of years they’ve been in business.

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Fly by night operations come and go, but reputable, trustworthy air conditioning companies will usually stay in business in the same area for years, building on a reliable customer base that has come to trust their service and quality.

We are proud to be a sister company to United Mechanical. United has been in business since 1987, serving commercial clients. Our resounding success in that area led many commercial customers to ask if we could expand to provide residential services as well. On the basis of these multiple requests, we ultimately decided to form UMI Residential Air Conditioning.

Although the company was new, the culture was directly inherited from United Mechanical. This team-oriented atmosphere was essential to our success. No individual employee or department was considered more important or less important than others. The constant expectation was that teamwork would create the best environment for exceptional service. When employees are respected and treated well, they bring their positive attitude to everything they do. Our customers benefit from this culture.

The company’s excellence and history of success can also be attributed to the exacting standards of high quality and precise workmanship. The minimum is never good enough; we want to exceed your expectations. We love to share our pride in a job well done with the homeowner who will benefit from the work.

When choosing an air conditioning company, you want one who will stand behind their work. We do. We will guarantee everything we do, and if we cannot find a satisfactory resolution to your problems or concerns, we will refund your money. Be sure that you find a provider who can match that claim before signing on the dotted line. An air conditioning c12 Ways to Choose Best AC Co ipadompany that doesn’t believe in themselves shouldn’t have your trust either!

Would you like to learn more about how to ensure you choose the best air conditioning company in Southwest Florida? Download our FREE eBook (right). It guides you through the process with twelve informative tips.

Need emergency help right now? Use our 24 hour emergency service. Want to setup an service appointment? Contact us online or call (239) 939-2032. Interested in a Free AC System Analysis, sign up on our website.  At UMI Residential Air Conditioning, we guarantee everything we do!



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