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As we touched on in our Tip 6 blog post, there are some things a company can do to go from garden-variety good air conditioning service to outstanding, exceptional, one-of-a-kind air conditioning service.

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This is our ninth installment of
At Synergy, we want to be exceptional! So our goal is to not only provide you with quality work and repairs, but to also keep you informed about the industry.

For one thing…

we want to offer you ways to save on your air conditioning costs. Some people will want to do all of them. Other people may just pick a few easy techniques that work for them.

These might include:

  • Purchasing and setting a programmable thermostat
  • Having doors and duct work sealed to prevent leaks
  • Opting for a maintenance contract to prevent a crisis
  • Having an air conditioner inspection to find potential problems

Can your company save you money by having you check your own system? If there’s an easy fix to your A/C problem that doesn’t require a professional visit, we are happy to lead you in that direction. We would much rather have a satisfied homeowner for the long-term, rather than get a sale that didn’t really need to be made. Only honest companies would be willing to forgo short-term profits for this sort of relationship-building.

You also know an air conditioning service company is the best when they are educating the consumer on new products in the marketplace without flashy sales techniques. As individuals spend more time indoors, there are always developments in the industry that are aimed at improving energy efficiency, air quality and more. Some of these products may be right for you and some might not. But we think you deserve to know what’s 12 Ways to Choose Best AC Co ipadavailable on the market and how it might benefit your household.

We also believe in educating the consumer by offering our FREE eBook library. Download our current eBook:  12 Ways to Ensure You Choose The Best Air Conditioning Company in Southwest Florida. Learn all the tips on how to choose the best air conditioning service company in Southwest Florida.

Have questions? Contact us online or call (239) 939-2032. Our highly trained professionals are here to service your needs and we will guarantee everything we do.

Remember, Our Business is Your Comfort!


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